We are providing kintone Plugins & Javascript for GYOMU KAIZEN

kintone related record aggregation


・ Automatically totals to the parent app when adding / changing / deleting
・ Aggregation function for numerical values ​​(sum, max, min, count)
・ Aggregation function for character strings, dates, etc. (first, firsta, last, lasta)
・ Calculation results of calculation formulas can be aggregated
・ Even if the parent app does not display related records, it can be aggregated
・ Up to 3 sets / apps can be set for related record aggregation
・ Aggregation function of existing records
・ Download & upload function of plug-in settings


We have rex0220 kintone Plugins monthly package plans.
  • 1 plugin:AUD$150/month
  • 3 plugins:AUD$250/month
  • 5 plugins:AUD$350/month
  • 7 plugins:AUD$450/month
  • 10 plugins:AUD$550/month

After 10 plguins, evert 3 plguins extra AUD$100/month

Including free 30 mins consaltation

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