KANBAN style task management plug-in

This is a plug-in that enables you to manage tasks by KANBAN style!

You can capture tasks Visually & Intuitively on board view instead of list view. This prevents you from missing tasks.

Task status are changeable by Drag & Drop a card easily and they can be created directly from board view.

Enables efficient task registration by Recurring feature!!

Manage tasks Visually & Intuitively!!

You can manage task cards by board view instead of list view.

You won’t miss a task anymore as you can check which tasks are in which status at glance!

Easy to change status by just Drag & Drop a card!

Recurring feature enables efficient task registration!!

Use Recurring feature for tasks that occurs every day/week/month!

Recurring feature prevents from forgetting task registration and saves your time!!

Create task cards directly from board view!!

Don’t go back to the list view! You can create a task card from board view straight away!

Enables working on tasks with team smoother by assigning people, creating subtasks within a card, exchanging comments on cards easily!


– Microsoft Edge Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Google Chrome Latest Version
– Safari Latest Version
Not support mobile environment(Android/iOS)


To be updated


Initial fee $0

Monthly $60(AUD) Yearly $720(AUD)