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KAIZEN KANBAN KANBAN style task management plug-in

This is a plug-in that enables you to manage tasks by KANBAN style!

You can capture tasks Visually & Intuitively on board view instead of list view. This prevents you from missing tasks.

Task status are changeable by Drag & Drop a card easily and they can be created directly from board view.

Enables efficient task registration by Recurring feature!!

KAIZEN List View Fixed Display List View Fixed Display Plug-in

It is a plug-in that fixedly displays up to the specified column on the Kintone list page.

When there are many items on the list view, you can fix any column like Excel to make it easier to check the contents of the record.

It is easy to see which record item you have without scrolling to the far left.

KAIZEN PDF PDF documents export plug-in

This is a plug-in that automatically create PDF documents based on the kintone record information and export.

This plug-in also has features of "Electronic signature" and "Automatic save to cloud" functions for exported documents.

Cut the cost of office work greatly with one click to "Create", "Save", "Share" and "Sign", which has been done manually!

KAIZEN board board Plugin

It is a plug-in that makes it possible to link Kintone with "board" created with the idea of ​​optimizing the efficiency of business and management of small and medium-sized enterprises.

You can automatically generate other document data including invoices just by registering the project data in Kintone.

Recommended for those who want to streamline business management within Kintone!

KAIZEN Required Field Required input specification plug-in

This plug-in specifies the required fields based on the input status of the related field.

This plug-in is recommended for the cases when you wanna set the field required only if the certain field is filled.

KAIZEN Barcode Create & Scan Barcode for manage products

This plug-in enables to create barcode based on the information on records and prints it out.

The created barcode is scannable by mobile app and automatically create scanned data into specified kintone app after scanning.

The user can set up data category regarding to your business model, which is useful for stock management and product management!

KAIZEN CART Cart function plug-in

This plug-in implements cart function into kintone.

It enables to select products from the registered products in master app and create a record, just like and EC site.

It can be applied not only to product sales management but also to internal stock management.

It features intuitive and user-friendly usability, such as being able to narrow down the choice by product category.

KAIZEN Copy Related Record Table Copy related record table plug-in

This plug-in enable to copy the data displayed in related record field into subtable.

It is unable to aggregate data in related record fields.

However, this plug-in make aggregation data in the related record fields possible by copying data into subtable and using calculate field.